Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GoPro Recovery Software - dedicated software

CnW have been supporting high quality recovery from the GoPro Camera.  In particular, it addresses the problem that most recovery program fail on, in that GoPro video files are complex and cannot be recovered with data carving.

CnW are now launching a new program, GoPro Recovery.  This is simple to use program that will just recover files from GoPro memory chips.  The program is still in early stages of development, but will support Hero3 and Hero 4 files with a good success rate, though the next stage will be nearly perfect.

The fully functional evaluation program (beta version) may be downloaded for free and will operate for about one month.  For details go to  It requires Windows 7/8/10 and only works with a memory chip, or memory image file.

New updates will be uploaded every few days.  Please try and it send us any feed back.

Full version will be launched this summer (2015)